Suneye Security System is being related to Banking and financial organization. With Suneye has brought along customised CCTV solutions keeping in mind the usability and practicality for this high security section. Banking and financial institution would like a extremely reliable system of security because it touches million of lives on a daily basis. As we are saying proudly-“You bank with them, they bank on us”

Suneye CCTV solutions are designed for numerous application needed by banking and monetary establishments with high resolution cameras, special cameras for money counters, CCTV storage solutions, parallel recording solutions, Compact systems for ATMs and lots of a lot of innovative merchandise.

Whether it’s a good night’s sleep or a wedding reception, clients depend on your staff to provide the highest quality service and security.

Security of retail chains, food chains, and branches has been continually an important challenge before management. Suneye offers innovative solutions for such retailers and chains with its centralized monitoring based mostly CCTV police investigation. so as to produce your staff and customers with the very best level of security and luxury we provide browser based mostly software which may be accessed from any of the computer within the network with none further hardware.

Simultaneous monitoring of all cameras lives through text alerts and video.
Heath monitoring of entire surveillance infrastructure including DVR, Cameras, Drive and network connectivity.
Full control over the entire surveillance system in every store from one place.
Remote management, monitoring, playback, download, central storage.
Multiple screens display E-map, monitoring windows, alarm alerts in different sites.
bidirectional talk, camera settings, color adjustment and other setting.
Support multiple products connection DVRs, video servers, IP cameras and other network products. Application client and web client can be used for different users.