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Education Surveillance

Suneye focus on security the well being of all students and staff is a primary concern for schools today. A properly installed system of school security cameras is an important tool for ensuring safety on school grounds. Schools facing challenges such as violence or vandalism on campus find school security cameras an indispensable aid to identifying and resolving issues as they arise.

Ease of Installation & Monitoring

SUNEYS provides surveillance with high technology security camera systems utilize IP cameras, which can be either wired or wireless over a web. Unlike older analog CCTV systems, IP cameras can be installed by the user and re-configured to fit changing needs. They also allow you to broadcast footage over the internet, making it easy for you to monitor your educational organization surveillance cameras at any time


Visitor monitoring

One drawback many colleges regularly struggle with is correct access management for guests. By implementing school security cameras at entrance doors, you’ll be able to facilitate your administrative employees monitor visitors and ensure they are properly signed in, whereas still permitting your students to move freely round the field.

Security & Safety

Not solely do college security cameras assist you maintain safety around your campus, they additionally discourage misconduct. Prominently placed school surveillance cameras are shown to scale back threats of violence and mischievousness drastically.