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    Educational campuses pose many unique challenges when it comes to security. College campuses feature a variety of buildings, each with their own security needs. Campus security cameras can serve as a visual deterrent to crime such as eve teasing, bullying, ragging, vandalism of property etc. and serve as an invaluable tool, allowing students to wander under the safe watch of campus security cameras.


    • Protection of students and staff
    • Protection from unauthorized intruders
    • Monitoring of unknown vehicle entry
    • Private areas monitoring
    • Misbehaviour of staff or student
    • Safety and security while travelling in school buses
    • Protection from criminal acts, drugs etc.
    • Prevention from Bullying/Eve teasing etc


    • High resolution cameras for 24/7 monitoring and recording
    • Proper identification and logs of people at entry/exit points
    • Periphery protection with intelligent analysis
    • PTZ cameras for open area and playground, as most of the bullying/Eve teasing takes place in such areas.
    • Emergency/Panic buttons at vulnerable points for immediate action
    • Restriction of entry for unauthorized people
    • Fool proof checking/frisking of weapons or non permit able gadgets