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    Manufacturing facilities and warehouses are stocked up with raw materials, WIP or finished goods at all times and therefore require round the clock monitoring and protection. Suneye offers solutions designed especially for industrial setups that cater to all their security needs including perimeter protection; monitoring equipment and production processes; tracking vehicles and people entering and leaving the premises; access control and more.


    • Unauthorized entry of vehicles and persons
    • Staff work hour monitoring for effective management
    • Process monitoring and control for improved safety
    • Restrictions at critical areas
    • Detect suspicious staff behavior to reduce accidents
    • Prevent possible terrorist attacks and vandalism
    • CCTVequipment for harsh environments
    • Monitoring of moving vehicles and persons on the field
    • MEmergency command control room to monitor & manage activities


    • ANPR system to avoid unauthorized entry of vehicles
    • PTZ cameras for perimeter protection and monitoring unauthorized intrusion
    • High-resolution cameras to monitor manufacturing processes
    • Smart analytics (tripwire, intrusion and auto-tracking) to find suspicious behavior
    • Access control system for strict & flexible authority management
    • Explosion-proof & water-proof with IP67/IP68 ratings
    • Mobile DVRs/ NVRs to monitor moving vehicles
    • Command control system for real-time monitoring of process