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    Police forces fulfill the arduous task of ensuring peace and order within a city/ state. Managing a bustling population can be a daunting task; be it ensuring traffic rules are being abided by, or nabbing the accused, or enforcing laws. In all of these cases, surveillance plays a significant role. Surveillance also serves as a vital evidence collection tool, video footage being one of the most credible sources of evidence. After all, when it comes to justice, there should be no room for ambiguity.

    With Suneyes solutions tailored to meet their specific requirements, Police forces can now detect, deter/ address events and emergencies with greater spontaneity.


    • Recording their interaction with the public
    • Capturing an offense and identifing the party involved
    • Ensuring both officer & citizen accountability
    • To gather tamper-proof video evidence from crime scenes
    • Creating mental deterrence
    • Instructing quick reaction team while in live action
    • Violation of traffic laws


    • ANPR solution to capture the number plate & to avoid violation of traffic rules.
    • Edge-based analytics cameras equipped with analytical features like trip wire, intrusion detection, face detection, loitering, and more.
    • PTZ cameras which are ideal for open areas, advantageous primarily for their unique feature of being able to pan-tilt and zoom in to provide close view of selected sections of the field of view.
    • Body worn surveillance solution a video recording system, utilised by Law Enforcement Agencies to collect Evidence
    • Mobile DVR/NVR solutions for monitoring live feed from the site