Real Estate is one such industry which faces a dire need for security & surveillance but is largely neglected. Not just finished structures, but under construction sites too can be at risk of theft, burglary, harassment, intrusions, etc. builders need to be prepared for all of these risks. With Suneye surveillance solutions specifically designed for 360 degree perimeter protection, these threats can be efficiently addressed.


  • Unauthorized intrusion of vehicles/people
  • Major target of theft/robbery
  • Vandalism of property or vehicles
  • Installation of CCT V camera inside the lifts
  • Parking management issues
  • No monitoring and maintenance of property
  • Multiple platforms difficult to manage


  • High resolution cameras at Entry Point to recognise entry of unauthorized vehicle s or person
  • ANPR solution and Face recognition cameras at entry point to provide analytical results for quick retrieval of information
  • Bullet camera with intrusion detection analytics for perimeters further supported by PTZcameras
  • ANPR cameras at Parking entry Point
  • High resolution camera with Audio integration for parking areas
  • WDR camera with high resolution cameras at Lobby area for proper face recognition
  • Wide coverage cameras for lift areas
  • Multi-Apartment VDP IP Solution for visitor verification and authentication
  • Monitoring of CCTVcamera in the VDP indoor unit
  • Control Room monitoring software for CCTV camera, VDP outdoor unit cameras, message broadcasting, SOS support, audio call, etc.